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Vsevolod appeared to be a nice young man, and as things were going fairly well I accepted to host his friend Sabri for a few days so Sieva could have Gary around (his pet rabbit) ; they were very keen on talking about their past in Belgium, where Vsevolod was dealing drugs and was known as Dyson because of the enormous amounts of cacaine he would put into his nose, frequently spending more than 2000€ in a single weekend. About a week after Sabri's arrival, both of them basically stopped working altogether, playing online poker and using the house facilities to cook for their market where they reportedly cut their home-made vegan sauce with cheap industrial products ; one one occasion they also tried to sell hot wine without an authorization and with explicit instructions not to do it. Svevolod said "I'll take the risk", almost got a CHF 800.- fine and required that I pay for the ingredients, threatening me physically. In the end it became clear that Svevolod and Sabri were buying food off the house budget, cooking for their market and eatng what was unsold, eventually sharing some with Danilo and Loris (two other workaways) in order have them do their chores. Whatever was left after that - mainly the same old bortsch (soup) - was dropped and left to rot in the common kitchen or on the balcony without even a lid on until I ate it or it rotted and I had to throw it away. Vsevolod was insulting and aggressive on a few occasions and when asked to leave, he stayed around for more than two weeks while trying to extort money from me by, and once that was done he unexpectedly started insulting and threatening me by message to get some more. He only left after I called the cops to help kick him out but he stole a computer and a deep frier. In the end it was found out that a little over 20% of the money he received for the shopping he did was for personal items ; it is unknown how much money they made on my back while using my logo and the reputation I managed to build over the years. He also left his room and common areas in a pitiful state and Loris reported he had been taking his anger and frustration on him, punching into walls at more than one occasion. Vsevolod, who proved to be a mythomaniac cocaine addict and alcoholic, obviously also attracted by easy money, is not welcome anymore.


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  1. can be very persuassive - like all mythomaniacs - but cannot control his temper and language
  2. he does make excellent fries, but doesn't vary the meals much
  3. only believes he can do stuff, experience showed the opposite
  4. hasn't watered a single plant but has muscles he is willing to use from time to time
  5. if he does it will be only to have "a good karma"
  6. he doesn't have anything to teach except the skills required for playing poker, namely deception, simulation and being merciless
  7. in his good days he can be friendly, but lacks any notion of responsibility and quality
  8. knows his way around windows and a few more things about the internet that the usual bloke, but he clearly has no interest in learning and no understanding at all of the underlying technology
  9. don't let this guy near your kids without constant supervision ; better keep him away altogether
  10. basically a native French and English speaker, talks Russian with his mother. It turns out he doesn't have much interesting to say and never gets into specifics about anything, language makes no exception to this
  11. see the pictures and judge for yourself
  12. only on private grounds and with small vehicles ; he confessed that he actually did not have a driving license
  13. I figured his rabbit Gary is probably smarter ; however Vsevolod is much more vicious
  14. Went for a walk during a snow storm and almost didn't make it, coming back way after nightfall


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